Filming a Documentary

15th January 2020 @ 7:45 pm

How To Make A Documentary

Making documentaries is one of the most rewarding and challenging endeavours you can be involved in. However, the art of shooting a documentary is more than just run and Gun. It has to be planned because it can be full of pitfalls on the day.

Whether you’ve just got a seed of an idea for a documentary, or you’re in the middle of producing a documentary and you’re looking for ideas on how to shoot, light and what kit to use, tonights talk from Peter Leverick is for you. 

We will look at:-

  • Different documentary genres and examine how they best communicate to the viewer.
  • What equipment to use?
  • How to edit a documentary.
  • What editing style should you go for?
  • Cinematography tips.
  • How to light for Documentaries.
  • Interviewing techniques.
  • What a documentary script should contain.

Making a documentary can be a wonderful adventure.

The only way to learn how to make documentaries is…..

…… to make a documentary.

We are starting at 7:45 pm, doors open at 7:30 pm. New members welcome.

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