Short Film Making

Here is just a small collection of the dozens of short films that have been created by the members of Sutton Filmmakers Club and they are examples of short film making done by the club over the years.

There are many more that are currently doing the rounds at film festivals. It’s not just shorts that SFM get involved with over the years the members have made some feature films as well.

You can see the projects we have in production HERE.

Short Films – Completed Projects

The Last Slice

Adrian Dean : Director
Rhys Davies : DOP
Christopher Tharratt : Writer
Paul Howard : Producer
Status: Release date 30th January 2024.

The Film is complete and its premiere is on 30th January 2024 see Premiere Night.

Cast (alphabetically)

Jamie Lumsden
Calum Rodger
Rachel Wright

Crew (alphabetically)

Nagat Abououf
Jemma Arnold
Lauren Blackett
Paul Dryland
Kaushal Odedra
Richard Parker
Zoe White

Behind the scenes

For more information see the IMDb page

What’s for Dinner

A behind the scenes video.
Adrian Dean : Writer/Director
Paul Howard : Producer
Rhys Davies : DOP
Status: Release Date 30th January 2024

The Film is complete and its premiere is on 30th January 2024 see Premiere Night.

Shoot Date: 21st October 2023 (Provisional)
Cast (alphabetically)

Harim Oh
Corrina Onyiukah
Richard Rowe

Crew (alphabetically)

Nagat Abououf
Jemma Arnold
Giovanni Tria
Julie Childs
Todd Hurley
Harry Cheshire
Richard Parker
Aaron Whitehead
Sophie Tilleray

Night Fears - Short Film

Night Fears – Directed by Adrian Dean

A man gets a lesson in the uses of white powder on his laundry trip. 

Adrian Dean : Writer/Director
Paul Howard : Producer
Status: Release Date 30/01/2024 – Currently in Festival Run.

The Film is complete and its premiere is on 30th January 2024 see Premiere Night.

Shoot Date: 27st November 2021

Caroline Marie
James Parsons
Denise Rocard
Andy Lear
Lucy Howard


Richard Parker
Tom McDaniel
Frank Hammond
Owain Rhys Dain
Patrick BloomField
Lili Giacobino
Zoe White
Sean Phelan
Peter Leverick
Baran Chavoushi
Stephen Dilley

short film making

White Powder – Directed by Tom McDaniel

A man gets a lesson in the uses of white powder on his laundry trip. 

Jitters – Directed by Sara Jordan

A Kindfame Productions film

In childhood, a girl manifests her anxiety in the form of an unwanted imaginary friend. Will she be able to rid herself of this oppressive presence as an adult?

This film was made with lots of help from Sutton Filmmakers members and equipment.

Knock Knock – Directed by Sean Phelan

A short experimental film used to explore and train members to look at making a film from the perspective of being under a table. And to make it in one short evening session.

Steps Movie Poster

Steps – Directed by Frank Hammond

An eccentric father goes on the run after his son installs a mysterious app on his phone.

A fine example of how the club fosters short film making. This was directed by a club member who was just 19 years old.

Dead To the World by Emma Frayne-Ford

Dead to the world is a dark comedy that revolves around the bitter but pragmatic relationship of two 30 something house mates. Their shared personal taste in the use of nameless sex partners takes them on a journey of lies, deceit and breaking the Law.

Driller Killer By Nick & Luke Baumkotter

“Driller Killer” was short listed to go into the cinema but did not make the final cut to the silver screen.

Following on from this success the film has gone on to be officially selected to The London monthly FF, UK Screen One IFF, Grindhouse Planet FF, Comicpalooza FF, Jim Thorp IFF, Screened at Tulsa Overground FF and won Barcelona Planet FF “Best Trailer”.

Hold onto your seat!

It Takes Two – A Club Challenge

Challenge to Make a film in about an hour. Left club at 7.50 pm and back by 9.00 for tea. Edit separate.

When a woman finds a child’s jumper and lunch box in the park she sets out to find the answer but what she finds is something else…

Almost Perfect by Emma Frayne-Ford

Helen works at an undertakers, she is a make up artist and stylist to the dead. As of late Helen has developed a dark desire. 

The urge to act upon this desire is one she can no longer resist. Helen starts to advertise for a new assistant, however is she looking for an assistant or a blank canvas on which to create her next master peace.

Marshmallows by Aidan Rich

Silent Film by Michael Franklin

Boot by Bruce Whitehall

An impromptu boot sale in a suburban street seems harmless enough but hides a more sinister purpose in the hands of a tech-savvy salesman.

Beast in a Briefcase By Luke Baumkotter

I am Luke Baumkotter age 13 when I made “Beast in a Briefcase” A dramatic malevolent chase film, with my friend Tom Gill in the summer holidays whilst out cycling with our rotter-man dog Skyler.

The first film festival I entered it into won “Best Film” IAC south east under 18, Best Shorts competition Award of Recognition: Young Filmmaker – 17, Double awards for best film under 18 & “Film of the Year” at Sutton the Film 2017, Honorable Mention at the London X4 SSF festival and semi-finalists at Hollywood screenings FF & Los Angeles Cinefest FF.

Recently I won the double awards at “Sutton the Movie” competition by arts network Sutton in London. The awards where “Best film” under 18 category and “Film of the Year” presented by the Mayor. 

6th Sense by Andy Lear

A unscrupulous scientists searches for paranormal activity with judicious use of electricity. However, things don’t go well.

Coin Toss By Nick & Luke Baumkotter

Bullied teenager finds out his older sister’s dark secret!

Dear Hazel By Al Grandy

A film by Al Grandy, filmed by Sutton FilmMakers in 2011

Xmas Robot By Bruce Whitehall

A housebound pensioner faces a lonely Christmas until an argumentative guest arrives down the chimney.

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