Grand Short-film Premiere Night

After a highly successful, Grand short films premiere night at Cryer Arts, Sutton Film Makers would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who came to our special event. Your attendance and support is greatly appreciated, we could not have done it without you and value your contribution to our success.

Night Fears - Short Film

Night Fears

Directed by Adrian Dean

When a woman spends the night at her, sleep walking, father’s house. She encounters supernatural horrors.

The Last Slice – Short Film

For more information see the IMDB page The Last Slice – Current status The Film is complete and its premiere is on 30th January 2024 …

Giovanni Tria’s Sound Design and the use of Foley Workshop 

The three main components of film sound are voice, sound effects and music, all of which as Giovanni explained need movement, interactive elements and air to exist, as sound cannot travel without air. Most film and tv audio is reproduced, custom, studio sound effects known as Foley. Artists perform the sounds such as footsteps, doors closing and horses galloping, with numerous props in synch with the visual scenes.

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