Grand Short-film Premiere Night

Grand Short-film Premiere Night

After a highly successful, Grand short films premiere night at Cryer Arts, Sutton Film Makers would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who came to our special event. Your attendance and support is greatly appreciated, we could not have done it without you and value your contribution to our success.

On the 30th of January at 8pm the doors opened for a very special night from the stage at Cryer Arts theatre. This special event brought everyone together to celebrate the art of film making and showcased the club and local film makers creative talents.

Short-film Premiere Night

Time for Glitz and Glamour

The red carpet was out as we welcomed our glamorous guests to a glass of bubbly, with our cameras at the ready, to capture what would be a fun and memorable occasion.

In the busy foyer the atmosphere was full of excitement with visitors enjoying taking part in our glitzy gala, by chatting in front of the cameras about their thoughts and the films they had come to see.

Our dedicated team filmed all the action at the short-film Premiere Night and as the evening unfolded we interviewed both cast and crew, of the eagerly anticipated six short films. 

In the bustling auditorium silence fell, as the lights dimmed and the films began, engaging the crowd in a mix of comedy and horror.

The Premieres Started

The Last Slice, opened the show with its hilarious consequences of two colleagues arguing over the last slice of a pizza. Spa, took us down a more sinister road of emotions and relationships in an unexpected setting of unrest. Dark comedy, My husband is a dog, follows a widow who is told by a psychic that her husband had been reincarnated as a dog, the lengths she goes to reunite with him is very funny.

After The Intermission

What’s for dinner, is the extremely amusing misconstrued conversation, that causes tension between distracted parents, after their daughter passes messages between them. Leo the lion is a humorous film re a guy called Leo who is reminded by a stranger of his forgotten identity as a superhero. Night Fears was the scary evening finale, a chilling horror of a woman that encounters some supernatural happenings.

Leo the Lion
Night Fears - Short Film

The Cast & Crew Made It A Cinematic Extravaganza!

The premieres were introduced by their Directors, then each group spoke about their flick after screening and the audience were given the opportunity to ask any questions.

Laughter and gasps were heard throughout the viewing and the sound of loud clapping and cheering was heart-warming as everybody had worked so hard to bring the films and the short-film premiere night into fruition.

Lots of praise and thanks was given to those involved afterwards, which is well deserved as without the effort of all the cast and crew there would be no film.

The Club is self-funded with members of all ages, backgrounds and skill sets. We come together to create, film and share each others visions and make films for the community. Whatever role is played, from writer to actor, camera operator to editor, everyone is vital in the the whole process of film making and we are proud and passionate about what we do.

Here’s What The Guests Had To Say

Trailers and Behind The Scenes

“The Last Slice” – A side-splitting comedy that explores the hilarious consequences of a pizza slice dispute.

IMDB link The Last Slice

“Spa” – An emotionally charged drama that delves into the complexities of human relationships in an unexpected setting.

“My Husband is a Dog” – They could be happy together again…. if only her husband didn’t have an owner!

IMDb link My Husband is a Dog

“Whats For Dinner” – She just wants to be fed, they’re just fed up.

IMDb link – What’s for Dinner

“Leo The Lion” – A mild-mannered Leo lives an unremarkable life, until he meets a mysterious stranger and discovers his forgotten identity as a superhero.

IMDb link Leo the Lion

“Night Fears” – A spine-tingling horror film that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

IMDb link Night Fears

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