Club AGM March 29th 2023

Sutton Film Makers

AGM Wednesday 29th March 2023

On March 29th, 2023, Sutton Filmmakers held its Annual General Meeting (AGM 2023) to discuss important matters pertaining to the club. The meeting was attended by members of the club and its officers who were interested in the future direction of the club. During the AGM, various topics were discussed, including the Chairman’s report, proposed resolutions, and the votes on each proposal.

The Chairman’s report provided a comprehensive overview of the club’s performance over the past years, highlighting its achievements, challenges, and opportunities for growth. The report gave insights into the club’s financial position, including its revenue, profits, and expenses, as well as its strategic goals and plans for the future.

AGM 2023

The proposed resolutions were also discussed during the meeting, with each proposal being carefully considered and debated by the attendees. The resolutions covered a range of topics, including changes to the club’s governance structure, new activities, and strategies for expansion.

After each proposal was presented, the members present were given the opportunity to vote on them. The votes were tallied and the results were announced at the end of the meeting. These results provide an important indication of the direction the club is heading in and the level of support for the various proposals.

Overall, the AGM was an important event for our club, providing an opportunity to discuss key issues and make decisions that will shape the future of the club. The results of the meeting will guide the club’s actions in the coming year, ensuring that it continues to grow and thrive in a rapidly changing environment.


  1. Welcome and Apologies
  2. Matters Arising
  3. Chairman’s Report
  4. Treasurer’s Report – Approval of accounts  2022
  5. Secretary’s Report on evenings held during  2020/2022
  6. 2023  Projects overview  (Club Night Secretary)
  7. Proposed Resolution – See below
  8. Resignation and re-election of Chairman
  9. Resignation and re-election of new officers
    • Secretary
    • Membership Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Events Secretary
    • Social Secretary
    • Public Relations Officer
    • Grants and Bids Officer
    • Kit Secretary
    • Events Secretary   
  10. Website review and update (Paul Howard)
  11. A.O.B
  12. Chairman’s closing remarks

Present at the AGM

Peter Leverick, Sean Phelan, Adrian Hay, Paul Read, Tom McDaniel, Paul Dryland, John Dodds, Frank Hammond, Sedley Browne, David Gent, Colin Codner, Bruce Whitehall, Christopher Tharratt and Paul Howard

Apologies for absence Giovanni Tria and Richard Parker


The last AGM was in 2019. At that meeting, Sean and Aidan resigned from their roles as Club Secretary and Treasurer respectively.

Paul Howard took over the role of Club Secretary and has re-designed our website to include many more films, blogs and a news section. Paul has introduced an Electronic Membership Directory, with the facility to pay subscriptions online.

He is currently working on a Membership Directory page with individual skills and interests listed. – Thank you, Paul.

The role of Treasurer was taken over by myself, as well as continuing as Chairman.

Tom and Paul Read were re-elected to their roles of Club Night Officer and Equipment Officer.

Covid struck and the club closed from 18th March 2020 for 16 months until July 2021.

Our activities were restricted due to social distancing and sanitising equipment etc. Attendance was very low, so we met twice a month, rather than every week.

The Membership age diversity has continued to improve with a lowering of the average age of members attending; however the number of female members has dwindled and the individual membership attendance has continued to be less regular with both newer and longstanding members being inclined to be more selective as to which weeks they attend, giving rise to lower numbers on average each week. We are severely lacking commitment to attendance continuity.

The Secretary has some considerable health issues, and the Chairman had a personal family tragedy which reduced their ability to run the club effectively. I would like to thank Sean, Tom and Adrian and Jackie for stepping up and taking on some of the workload. We co-opted them onto an administration committee 

We have had some new items added to the kit list, notably a new 4K Directors monitor with 2 new mini V-lock batteries and charger. A new improved GoPro Camera and a bigger Gimbal Camera support system.

Looking Forward:

The new website is now online and looks very professional and fresh.

Sutton Film Makers is still a unique filmmaking group, with few others like it in the UK; our Kit list alone leaves very few rivals. 

Its success is due largely to the membership, so its continued success and development depend on all members contributing in whatever way they are able. To that end, I would encourage more members to attend the planning meetings to ensure the Wednesday evenings meet their needs. 

We are proposing to increase the number of committee members with reduced or shared responsibilities for each post.

I hope the club can continue to grow and prosper whilst we look forward to a productive 2023

Resolutions passed at the AGM 2023 at Sutton Filmmakers

29th March 2023

  1. That the Club Annual Membership is increased:
  1. Full yearly Membership from £25.00 to £40 per annum to cover the increased costs of Hall hire.
  2. Students in full-time education and up to the age of 21 – membership to remain at £15.00 per annum.  
  3. Concessions for unemployed members may be given until gainful employment is achieved  (the amount will be at the discretion of the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer).
  4.  Membership will cover the club insurance (while engaged in a club project). It will also cover the Intellectual property on music used on the club projects undertaken by you when entered into amateur competitions and festivals).

Proposer: Tom McDaniel   Seconder: Sean Phelan    Votes for: Unanimous

  1. In order to cover the increased costs of hiring the Halls we have to ask that the nightly fees be raised to:
    1. £5.00 per evening for members 
    2. £2.00 per evening for students and unemployed 

Proposer: Paul Howard   Seconder: Sean Phelan    Votes for: Unanimous

  1. Guests or non-members may attend only once for free.

Proposer: None   Seconder: None    Votes for: None

  1. Non-member fees will be raised from £5 to £8.

Proposer: Sean Phelan   Seconder: Adrian Hay   Votes for: Unanimous

  1. It is proposed that at the discretion of the Management Committee for the majority there of the costs of some Workshops and special guest evenings may be adjusted to cover the additional expense to cover the cost of hosting the evening. (Notice would be given).

Proposer: Adrian Hay   Seconder: Sean Phelan   Votes for: Unanimous

  1. A Single discounted payment that would cover membership and all nightly subs will be offered at £95.00.

Proposer: Paul Dryland   Seconder: Sedley Browne   Votes for: Unanimous

  1. That the granting of funding at £300 and £150 to make club films is limited to no more than twice a year. This is to be reviewed annually. We would still expect many many more films to be made by the members over the year.

Proposer: Sean Phelan   Seconder: Paul Read   Votes for: Unanimous

  1. The management committee intend to install a credit card facility for payment of subs and membership fees in the near future, for the convenience of the members.

Proposer: Adrian Hay   Seconder: Paul Dryland   Votes for: Unanimous bar 1 abstention 

  1. That the Management Committee may spend up to £300 for the benefit of the club and its members without recourse of a vote by the membership.

Proposer: Adrian Hay   Seconder: Paul Dryland   Votes for: Unanimous

  1. That the number of officers will expand from the current Six to Nine. They will  comprise of:
  2. Chairman – Peter Leverick

Proposer: Paul Howard   Seconder: Sean Phelan   Votes for: Unanimous

  1. Secretary – Paul Howard

Proposer: Sean Phelan   Seconder: Adrian Hay   Votes for: Unanimous

  1. Treasurer – Paul Dryland

Proposer: Tom McDaniel   Seconder: Sean Phelan   Votes for: Unanimous

  1. Membership Secretary – To be done by Secretary currently
  2. Social Media Secretary – Adrian Hay

Proposer: Paul Howard   Seconder: Sean Phelan   Votes for: Unanimous

  1. Public Relations officer – Sean Phelan 

Proposer: Paul Howard   Seconder: Tom McDaniel  Votes for: Unanimous

  1. Grants and bids Officers – John Dodds, Paul Dryland 

Proposer: Paul Howard   Seconder: Sean Phelan   Votes for: Unanimous

  1. Kit Secretary – Paul Read

Proposer: Adrian Hay   Seconder: Paul Howard   Votes for: Unanimous

  1. Events Secretary – Tom McDaniel

Proposer: Sean Phelan   Seconder: Paul Howard   Votes for: Unanimous

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