Do you know who was playing the l Am Legend lead perhaps? But do you know in which language Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon was filmed in? And who got tetchy when British critics ridiculed his English accent in Ridley Scott’s 2010 Robin Hood?

So if you know all these you should definitely come along tomorrow (in fact I want you on my team) because the prize for the winning team will involve some chocolate. Even if you know nothing about films and celebrities there is a general knowledge round and you might make the difference and push your team past the winning post. In any event this is a great evening to network with other members and have some fun.

Also, don’t miss the WORLD PREMIERE of the film we produced at the club on the 15th of May in our “Make a film night” called Lost Love.

We are starting at 7:45pm, doors open at 7:30pm. New members welcome.

Oh! The answers to the questions at the top… Well you’ll just have to come along tomorrow won’t you!

Kind regards

Paul Howard
Sutton Filmmakers secretary

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