This Wednesday 17th April 2019 at 7:30pm at The Parochial Rooms, 42 The Broadway, Cheam, Surrey, SM3 8BL

This is a practical evening and those with cameras/video cameras or even phones can get involved.  

SO PLEASE BRING something to film on.  DSLR/ or video camera. The club will provide a just one camera kit  for those who do not have access to one. 

The weather this Wednesday should be fine. The temperatures are rapidly rising and the day will have temperatures up to 19C in the day . It will still be about 12C at 10.00 at night.

Worth bringing a warm coat just in case. No rain expected. 

We would suggest very small teams of  3 or 4 .  One on camera – one to monitor sound  and a presenter / interviewer in front of camera. The fourth person will be responsible for health and safety and dealing with the public  when appropriate. Helping carry kit ( tripod or mic). But mix jobs and roles throughout the evening – as you like.

We want you to produce a short report/documentary style piece from outside the club but in Cheam village.  The actual venue is up to you. The subject   can be anything.

True facts and opinions or Spoof news about the area  (use your fourth member as an alleged member of the public ) Ghost sightings in the church yard or sightings of  Big Cats on the common).

Or anything else that grabs your fancy.

Venues close by:

Lumley Chapel / the Parochial Halls/ Whitehall Museum 

David Cameroon the hairdressers a few doors up. Car Parks or anywhere that suits your script/idea. Nonsuch Park is just across the road.   It should last as long as a news item  (over 30 seconds  but  not more than 5 mins as a finished piece).

Involving members of the public is a bonus. (be aware you are still representing the Sutton Filmmakers ).

The aim is to challenge you to both being creative and to  get acceptable footage in  poor lighting conditions. 

(using what light is available to you).  Shop lights/window displays street lights, bring a torch or use another phone with a torch if necessary.  Sound is a factor. 

Be at the club as near to 7.30 as possible.  We have to sort teams out and the teams have to copme up with their script/idea. 

See you soon. 


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