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Filming an interview

Using visual storytelling to make an interview powerful and stick in the mind

Led by Peter Leverick

March 5 @ 7:45 pm 10:00 pm

A Club Night to Remember

Are you ready to take your interview game to the next level? Join us for an enlightening club night where we dive deep into the world of visual storytelling and its transformative impact on interviews.

What to Expect:

1. The Power of Visuals: Discover how visuals can turn a standard interview into a captivating narrative. We’ll explore techniques to enhance the visual appeal of your interviews, making them not only informative but also visually stunning.

2. Storytelling Fundamentals: Learn the art of crafting compelling stories within interviews. We’ll delve into the key elements of storytelling, from character development to plot structure, and how to apply them effectively in interview settings.

3. Cinematic Techniques: Uncover the secrets of filmmakers as we discuss techniques like lighting, framing, and shot composition. See how these elements can elevate your interview footage and leave a lasting impression.

4 The importantance of noddies and cut-a-ways: What are noddies and cut-a-ways? Why, when and how would you them? How can they save you in the edit?

5. Case Studies: Dive into real-world examples of interviews that used visual storytelling to great effect. We’ll break down what worked, why it worked, and how you can apply similar strategies to your own projects.

6. Practical Exercises: Put your newfound knowledge to the test with hands-on exercises. We’ll provide opportunities for you to practice visual storytelling techniques, ensuring you leave with actionable skills you can immediately apply.

7. Q&A Session: Have burning questions about visual storytelling in interviews? Our experienced presenters are here to provide answers and insights to help you excel in your filmmaking journey.

Why Attend?

  • Elevate Your Interviews: Visual storytelling can transform ordinary interviews into memorable cinematic experiences that resonate with your audience.
  • Unlock Creative Potential: Whether you’re a seasoned filmmaker or just starting, this club night offers valuable insights to boost your storytelling skills.
  • Networking: Connect with fellow members who share your passion for filmmaking and interview excellence.

This event is open to all Sutton Filmmakers members, from beginners to seasoned pros. Don’t miss this opportunity to unravel the secrets behind making interviews not just informative, but truly unforgettable.

Join us as we embark on a visual storytelling journey that will forever transform the way you approach interviews. Let’s make interviews that stick in the mind!

£5 for members £8 for non members (first two meets FREE)

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