Tim Goodman, a long-time SFM member who is also active in two mid-Surrey writers associations (Mole Valley and Phoenix), writes for both stage and screen, usually under the nom-de-plume Kenneth Clelland. He has rarely attempted to combine work for both media but a well-attended enactment of his stage play  “A Delicate Balance” at St Michael’s RC Church in Ashtead on Good Friday raised the prospect of adapting the work – which follows the Easter story as told through the eyes of Pontius Pilate – for filming by SFM members. The 40-minute play was in Tim’s “Words in Edgeways” series of plays inspired by Alan Bennett’s “Talking Heads” TV monologues. It featured a single professional actor (John Griffin) within a cloistered setting but test-filming at Cheam has suggested filmic enhancements such as an entirely black background. Griffin demonstrated the play’s movie possibilities at a rehearsed reading using Club equipment and is enthusiastic about his first role in a filmed drama.

“Autumn Sonata” is the provisional title of an experimental music video commenced at the end of last year by four Club members (Bruce Whitehall, Patrick Bloomfield, Harry Lynes and David Gent). The team used a variety of cameras, props and techniques, including slow-mo and reverse-action, to film apples and other fruit dropping from trees. The project, envisaged as a homage to autumn, does not have words or actors. A musical soundtrack is created by the fruit dropping in various ways, in some cases ricocheting off props such as steel bins, solid objects and even a xylophone.

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