Wednesday evening (8th May). Will be an evening of 2 parts.

Part 1

The occasional bit of bad sound happens to everyone that makes a film and sometimes it’s not picked up which means it has to be resolved in post.

Giovani Tria a club member is a professional composer and sound designer. He will be showing us some simple ways we can improve bad sound in our films. This will include things like removing hiss, reverb and background noise. I have tasked him to show what is achievable by and amateur filmmaker with limited knowledge. So some simple techniques that we can all use.

Part 2

We recently shot a club project called ‘Steps’. The official project is now at video lock. However, other members have produced some edits so we thought it might be fun to have a blind viewing of all the other edits. Perhaps, we can learn and even get some ideas that we have not thought of. At the end, we can have a vote on what we like and what we don’t like and take note of any errors before we do the grading, sound design and music composition.

It would be great to have you along to learn and help us with the club projects. 

Club projects

The second club project ‘White Powder’ is also progressing and a shoot date will be announced soon. I know Tom is keen to get some help with props and production design. If you can offer some help let us know.

We are starting at 7:45 doors open at 7:30pm. New members welcome.

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