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The Divider

The Divider is a feature film by James Rodgers, it screened at the 6th Annual Wirral International Film Festival was nominated by it’s judging panel in two of the major categories, BEST FEATURE FILM & BEST DIRECTOR and the film and I came 2nd in both categories, and very nearly was awarded 1st in both.

This is an incredible achievement in our first festival that the film has been entered for and bodes well for future entries into planned festivals across the UK and overseas that lay ahead.

We should be rightly proud of ourselves, SFM & our production partners and the whole team. Well done everyone !

A note of thanks to Alan, Phil and the WIFF team for their support, hard work and sheer drive to put the festival together and available for film makers to share their work with the public. Thanks guys so much.

Almost Perfect

Written and Directed by Emma Frayne – Ford “Almost Perfect” Is a thriller motivated by forbidden sexual desire that was repressed by and against the Law in 1940s UK.

Helen works at an undertakers and is a make up artist and stylist to the dead. As of late Helen has developed a dark desire: the urge to act upon this desire is one she can no longer resist.

Helen starts to advertise for a new assistant but is she looking for an assistant or a blank canvas on which to create her next masterpiece?

The Audition

The Audition by Emma Frayne – Ford is a short comedy satire set in the context of a theatrical audition. Sally and Peter are actors and are going though the torment and sometimes ridicule that any actor can face every day, for a chance to get chosen to  perform. It’s only when they start to air their dirty laundry on stage in front of the casting panel, that they get the notice they deserve.

I wanted this film to show how the art form of an actor has been overshadowed by our need for perpetual reality or fake reality. With the dummying down and constant white noise of social media, universally our attention span for anything that is not ’In Your Face” is disappearing.