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Sutton Film Club
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All meetings are on Wednesday's unless otherwise stated
3rd May                CLUB NIGHT



Mark English

6th May             CLUB NIGHT


Whole cub to film something that will take the day. (Topic to be decided..

10th May               CLUB NIGHT


Directing from Script to Screen - To go through a short script on the night

17th May               CLUB NIGHT


MEMBERS FILMS including AN AWARD WINNING 30 MIN. Documentary by Tim Lowe.
Please bring your own films as well.

24th May               CLUB NIGHT

All meetings are on Wednesday's unless otherwise stated
7th June              CLUB NIGHT

Lighting on set.
( Using the caretakers flat )

Hands on workshop.
You are the crew.
Lighting for Mystery,
suspense and horror.


14th June           CLUB NIGHT

Kit Audit.
All club kit on display so you know what the club has.
Re Organise kit for easier
access for the membership.


21th June            CLUB NIGHT

Green Screen Trick shots.
Appear to come out of suitcases, trapdoors etc.
To be filmed. Need crew, Lighting Camera etc. so
Hands on workshop


28th June       CLUB NIGHT

4 Channel sound recording around a table as if in a business meeting.

Boom techniques and the use of two booms to achieve same effect.
His is a hands on workshop .
Will also be filmed.



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