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Production Information
Our productions fall into three main categories. We make short feature films, written directed and edited by club members.
These can cover a wide spectrum from comedy to drama, from sci-fi to 'A Modern Fairy Tale', which has involved the use of prosthetics, pyrotechnics, make-up, costumes and props and some unusual and lovely locations.

All ideas for production are run past the members, and if they are given the go ahead then there is plenty of help available from the professionals in terms of technical support and access to equipment.

We also work on Community Projects, and have links with Sutton Arts Council, the Sutton Centre for Voluntary Services, The Centre for Environmental Initiatives and the Arts Exchange Forum.

We set ourselves short projects, for example completing three minute movies “in the style of”, which provide learning opportunities and a lot of fun.

We had entries in The Sutton Film Festival which was held at the U.C.I. in St. Nicholas Way.




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