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Sutton Film Club
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Membership is open to all and makes no discriminations. The club is always keen to encourage new members.
Members or potential members do not have to own a camcorder or other equipment, it is not a pre-requisite, we are also happy to give advice on what to buy if you have money burning your pocket.
Best to spend wisely! We are always pleased to welcome anyone interested in this fascinating hobby whether they want to be in front or behind a camera.

Why not come along and enjoy our club atmosphere, you are not compelled to join right away, why not come along for a couple of evenings to see for yourself. If you do decide to join, our modest Subscription rates will delight you.

An interesting and varied syllabus of film shows, talks, discussions, competitions and events on the Wednesday evenings with a mixture of workshops and club nights giving members the opportunity to learn about video and film production and participate in their production.
The membership varies from the complete beginner ( so don`t feel alone ) to the more experienced ( not necessarily an expert ) and offers advice on equipment and, technical problems. If you are an `expert and or a hobbyist and looking for an outlet to express your filmmaking and techniques, then Sutton Film Makers is the club for you.
You will be helping others or inspire others to become more involved (if that is their wish). In short the club is all about `pooling` together resources, helping each other and trying to keep abreast with techniques and technology. The members work very hard to achieve all of these goals and more.

To join the club, come along to a couple of our evenings on Wednesday nights at 7.30pm, check out our programme guide so that you can find a night with something that interests you.

There is no charge for your first two visits to get to know the group, we are very supportive of each other, and would welcome you into the club.


At half time we have a break for tea and informal chats.

If you decide to join then you can make this known at one of the meetings and pay your membership fee.

Members also pay a small fee each week when you attend either the club nights or the tutorial eveings.

We will need your contact details and you
can either fill in our membership form at the meeting, or you can print it and bring along at one of the meetings.


Membership £25 per year

Students under 21 in full time eductauion

Only £15 per year

Club Nights £ 3
Non Members £5

Workshops £ 3
Non Members £5

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