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Kites and Dogs was recently (2009) entered for the Guernsey Lily Film Festival and was a firm favourite of the judges, here are the comments.

"...a sweet, amiable little film, told without words...nicely photographed with some well-framed shots."

"Al Grandy's music is pleasant and well-suited to the flight of the kites...there is a lovely moment when the music trills in perfect synchronisation with the appearance of a second kite. The kites are edited very cleverly so that their movements echo the approach, meeting and blossoming friendship of the man and woman."

"The story is simple but you use the dogs and kites of the title in a very clever way..."

"This is a pleasant short film which should be enjoyed by most audiences."

Bruce Whitehall the films maker said
"My favourite comment - bearing in mind the usual frenzied behaviour of our two dogs - was: "You were lucky to find such well-trained stunt dogs."(!!!)"




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