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At Sutton Film Makers we believe that a passion for film can strike anyone, at any age. In today’s world understanding how movies are created and shared is a major part of everyone’s experience.

We realise that many local people would enjoy acting in, or shooting, their own film, but do not have access to the right skills or equipment to make that dream a reality. We believe that film making is a creative team effort. For over ten years we have worked to promote collaboration, communication, sharing of knowledge and imagination, amongst our members.

These days everyone wants to write, direct and produce. Extensive shifts in digital technology has enabled any would-be film maker to get creative at home. However, as our club chairman, Peter Leverick, points out; “Putting your clips together into a coherent production can still be tricky.” ┬áSince 2004 the SFM has enabled club members to widen their horizons and achieve success: Including winning various short-film festivals and competitions. Members’ extensive output has covered everything from original drama (both features and shorts), comedies and music videos to sponsored projects for community groups.

There is always expertise at the ready – Grace Alves

Membership of Sutton Film Makers provides you with the unique opportunity to join a group of people who believe that, given the right help, anyone can make an engaging and original film. At all levels, SFM aims to create avenues for career, education and advancement: as well as providing the right environment to make friends and have fun.